Emails we have received:

Oh my gosh I am already so in love with these kittens! We stopped by my parents to pick up my daughter and they let everyone love on them, dogs smell/lick them, and my 15 month old hold them- they didn’t act fearful at all (although I’m sure they were overwhelmed). I just put my daughter down for a nap and am going to get them settled in their section of the house. I can’t stop looking at them- so gorgeous! Thank you so much... I am so happy to have found a responsible knowledgeable Breeder [❤️]

                              - Erin

Everyone comments that we must have got her from an excellent breeder, I say, we absolutely did! She's such a doll and Ginger really took to her. Thank you so much! [❤]

                      - Deanna

If Rosie is any example of the quality of your kittens, you deserve high praise indeed. Her sweet and loving temperament is a testament to the loving care she must have received in her first several weeks of life. Our whole family is absolutely smitten with her! She is a most-beloved member of our family. We can't imagine life without her!


Hi Carrie,

I thought I would update you on our little guy. He spent the first night hiding under the dresser but then he started exploring and he hasn't stopped exploring! Lol, always busy.He's already been on one trip (and he did fine) and we will be leaving for Gatlinburg on Saturday so he will be traveling again. He's full of spunk and energy and loves to snuggle. We decided to name him Smoke because thats what he looks like.

                      - Linda

Hi there! The kitten is doing great at home. He was sooo playful within 5 minutes of being home and settled in quickly. He is such a cuddle bug. Thank you for loving him like you did!

                      - Amanda

We are so very happy to have her! She is doing great! She is so very sweet and adorable. She is adjusting well and has been very active. We love her!! [❤️]

                - Lisa

Hi! I just wanted to let you know we named our kitty Moose he was named rocky with you if you remember. Anyway he has settled in great and we love him to bits! If we ever decide on getting another you will be the first person I contact. Thank you so much!! 



Carrie, Just want to say thank you for raising such wonderful kittens and sharing them. Mya is a joy. Love her more everyday.


Bohdi is getting bigger. Very healthy with a wonderful personality. Honestly, the finest pet I've ever owned. Gino is happy to have him around also.

                      - Charles

Here are the most recent pics of my beautiful boy. He looks so regal in the first one. Look at those beautiful eyes in the second. He is a rambunctious boy, full of energy and such a lover. He is loved by all who meet him. Thank you, Carrie. You were so easy to work with, answering all of my questions before and after the day I became Mickey's mom.


We r [😍] in love. Even my fiancé who wasn’t dying for another cat can’t help himself. She’s just so cute & sweet!


Sorry so delayed! Hope you weren't worried. He is very spoiled [😁] . I'm not sure what we did without him. He is so funny... he talks a lot when he wants something with the longest meow I have ever heard. He is definitely my sons little buddy. He lays on his bed when he is gone. Sending you a pic now. He is healthy and becoming more beautiful everyday. I swear he has some calendar poses that I can't capture pics quick enough.

                            - Amanda

What our customers are saying about us

I never knew how amazing ragdolls were until getting one of yours! He lets my 3 and 6 year olds walk around with him draped in their arms. Soooo laid back. We love him!

              - Kendal


Merlin and Sabrina's 1st birthday was yesterday. They are beautiful, sweet cats! Everyone who meets them are taken by their looks and their demeanor.


Hi Carrie, I just wanted to send some photos and let you know how Frosty is doing. He is doing wonderful, the dogs are doing great with him also. I will be sitting with one of the dogs and he just jumps right up with us!! He is an ornery little thing ! We just love him so much already [❤️]

                      - Vicki

Leia is doing great!! She can be in the same spot as the other kittens without hissing and growling!!! She slept on the bed up against my side last night. Leia is purring and loves to play!! She is so sweet!

                      - Mary

I will keep sending pictures here and there for you! We are truly sooo happy with him... He is sooo soft and just a beauty! And I think he knows it :)

                      - Stephanie

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My experience with Ragdolls Above All has been absolutely wonderful! As someone who had never owned a purebred cat before, I asked numerous questions. All of my questions were answered promptly and candidly which helped me to make my decision to choose a Ragdoll to be my first purebred. During all of our exchanges, either via email or in person, Carrie's passion was very clear in the way she spoke and especially through her interactions with the kitten - it was obvious how attached she had become to the kitten. After I brought Apollo home, it became even more evident that I made the right choice in breed and cattery. It was clear that he was used to being underfoot and around people which made the transition much easier. Instead of hiding, the very first night he curled up next to my head and purred all night long and within weeks he was integrated perfectly into my family (human and feline). I highly recommend this cattery - based on how my little Apollo behaves, they are definitely doing something right!


She's doing great and we just love her! She cuddled and purred all night long. Thanks again!

                      - Morgan

Hi Carrie! Just thought you might like to see miss Luna and her amazing trick. She’s such a sweet baby and we love her so much!


She's so perfect 💖💖💖

Thank you so much for everything!

                      - Courtney

Carrie, wanted to let you know that Zoey did great on the trip down. He has settled in like he has lived here forever. He is so darn cute. I love him. He sleeps with me at night and has taken over the whole house. You and your family have done a great job raising him in the 3 months before I got him. He is the most loving cat I have ever had. I have had 1 or 2 cats most of my life. I could have never [gotten] a better one from anyone else. Thank you for being such great breeders.


Hello!! Hope you are doing well!! Just wanted to share some pictures of our sweet girl with you!! She is doing absolutely wonderful and is just a delight to have as part of our family. She has brought so much joy, not just to our daughter, but to our entire family!! We all just adore her!! She was recently spayed and did very well with surgery and is recovering beautifully!! My daughters and I follow your Facebook page and we love seeing all of the pictures you post!! They are all so precious and beautiful!! I know I’ve told you this before, but thank you for breeding such amazing kittens!! I will never be able to thank you enough for helping us to put a smile back on our daughter’s face!!

                                  - Christie




Hi Carrie, I thought Id message you with some updates & pix of how nice Lily is growing. She’s more beautiful every day. She’s feisty & energetic & never lets me out of her sight. Independent too. Sometimes she sleeps on my bed & other times she finds somewhere else to lay her head. My grandkids love her & my youngest grandson says she feels like a ‘cloud’. Today is her 4 mo. BiRThDaY. She still enjoys her food & I can’t hardly sit to eat myself that her nose isn’t nearby. Thank you again for her....she’s a joy! I’ll choose some pix now. Take care & I hope all is well in your world [💕]

                                  - Pat