Contact: Carrie Burns,

Independent Field Representative


You know the saying... "We are what we eat"? What if that applies to our pets as well? If you are feeding your animals low quality food filled with bi-products and fillers, you are filling your animals full of chemicals. Though it's not proven, as with human food, what if the low quality food leads to disease and cancer in our pets? They eat this food EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

At Ragdolls Above All, we have searched high and low for top quality, grain-free food to provide only the best nutrition for our fur-babies. One that is both productive AND economical. Why is this important to us? Because high nutrition means an increase in over-all health, promoting life longevity and less stress to their organs. We have chosen Life's Abundance, who provide safe products inspired by nature. Food is prepared fresh and shipped to your door instead of sitting on store shelves for months on end. Our Rags have softer, healthier hair, which means less hair balls and better overall health! Our pets love Life's Abundance food and treats, and we do, too. Not available in retail stores - they have convenient auto-ship via their online store.

Try Life's Abundance Pet food, Inspired by Nature!

Why is food so important?