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​I have been a cat owner and lover my entire life. Actually, a lover of all animals, but cats just always had that soft spot in my heart that no other animal could fill. As a child, I was the one to sneak strays in through our garage and up to my bedroom to feed and cuddle them before having to sneak them back out before my parents realized. It always gave me great joy even at such a young age knowing that I was providing them with something that every cat deserved. As I became an adult, I would visit animal shelters to find cats that were in need of a loving, nurturing home. Throughout the years, I have rescued many cats and provided them exactly this. It seemed I could never get enough! 

My husband and I have been married for 23 years, and although he had never been a cat lover himself, he had always supported my decision in adopting them. As I sat one day watching animal planet, a show about the different breeds of cats came on. The Ragdoll breed caught my eye and I couldn’t turn away. I was in complete amazement of the breed. The temperament they displayed was so perfect, and I knew then it was my dream to own my very own. I thought to myself, "Is this breed really that much different than all the other cats I’ve ever owned?" I wouldn’t have believed it until I purchased my first Ragdoll. Yes, he was everything that I dreamed him to be, and yes, he really was so much different than all the other cats I had previously owned. Such a calm, loving, affectionate, loyal, and sweet companion. He followed us throughout the house and always wanted to be exactly where we were. That’s where my addiction with the Ragdoll breed began and also now my husband, a cat lover himself!

I have seen the great amount of happiness that was provided to our family and decided that I, too, would love to be able to provide that to others. Our family decided together that it would give us heart felt joy to become a Ragdoll cattery. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. In the years we’ve been breeding, we have had so many families who were so grateful that they purchased a kitten from us and many have even returned to purchase another kitten. Each time I receive updates and pictures from our buyers, my heart is just overwhelmed with happiness. ​To be able to give families a soft, cuddly, loving and affectionate kitten to become a part of their family for many years to come has been an incredible blessing for us all.

In our free time we enjoy spending time with family, playing family games, being outdoors, enjoying wildlife, and fishing. Besides my love for Ragdolls, I also have a love for writing songs and poetry. We love doing for and helping others in any way we can. Life is short, so live each day and make the very best of it!

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